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Mater Foundation - Mater Little Miracles

About Us

At Mater, every baby born and cared for is affectionately known as a ‘Mater little miracle’.


That’s more than 10 000 Mater little miracles born into the world every year!


The birth of a newborn is one of the happiest and most beautiful moments in life for mothers and their families, and while most pregnancies are without complications, sadly some babies are born premature, are seriously ill, or are simply too small to go straight home with their parents. For these families they turn to Mater—an Australian leader in neonatal critical care.


Every year more than 2000 of these tiny babies come to our hospitals from all over Queensland to receive around the clock specialist care from the team in Mater's Neonatal Critical Care Unit.


But these tiny babies need your help too.


Whether you've had a healthy baby born at Mater, or your baby needed some extra care and support when they were born, your support of Mater Little Miracles will help us invest in life-saving research, care and equipment to make sure that all babies can grow up to be happy and healthy children.

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