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Interact Support

About Us

Are you looking for a gift to give someone that will last all year?
Something that will provide an excuse for experiences that will leave memories that last a lifetime?
The entertainment book is that type of gift. 

Buying the Entertainment Book through this link contributes to our fundraising providing the not-for-profit Interact Support with much needed funds to contribute to  our work.

What’s our work? 

We are on a mission to prevent family violence. We do this by educating and supporting people about how to resolve problems and disputes without conflict and violence.  We also help them with  their social skills to learn how to manage their emotions and behaviour and negotiate effectively with other people. 

Our work is important because sometimes peace needs a helping hand. 

Contact Joanne Law
Phone Number 0401293500
Address 22 Parklink Drive CRANBOURNE EAST, VIC 3977