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Founded in 2008 and incorporated in April 2013 Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue Inc. is a not for profit organisation based in Western Australia and became a registered charity on July 1st 2013. We take in dogs (mainly bull breed types) from pounds, private surrenders, other rescues or vets and care for them in our foster care program until suitable homes are found. We have no shelter and run out of our own private residences.

We may be large in numbers of dogs but we are small financially. We have no Government funding, no corporate sponsors and rely solely on the generosity of the public and our volunteers.

We never reject dogs based on age, health status or appearances. We rally for those others will leave behind.


Our aim as a not for profit organisation primarily engaged in the rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing and responsible ownership of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Breed Dogs, including cross breeds, but not limited to these breeds is:

- To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome to ensure that no companion dog succumbs to euthanasia through neglect and treatable poor health, lack of training, abuse, lack of accommodation and/or age and that optimum quality of life is achieved for all dogs.
-To provide education, assistance and rehoming options for owners.
-To educate by providing information, promoting a positive image and responsible canine ownership.


SABBR is located in Perth West Australia. Our preference is to only to rehome dogs in WA homes as we see the relationship with SABBR Boofas as a forever relationship and SABBR can always provide a back up care arrangement in WA.

All dogs for adoption and or foster are listed on https://www.petrescue.com.au/groups/10305 and meets can easily be arranged with our fostering volunteers and adoption teams. At this stage SABBR has no shelter, though we would love to be in a position one day to have such facilities, therefore there unfortunately isn't a physical address to view dogs en masse. You can see SABBR dogs available for adoption also by following us on https://www.instagram.com/staffyandbullybreedrescue/

Email is monitored 7 days a week sabbrwa@gmail.com

Phone hours are: 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday.(closed on weekends and public holidays)

For adoption/surrender enquiries please call 0405 164 598.

To volunteer to foster with us, please email us at sabbrwa@gmail.com


Address C-/ Campbell Transport 5 McCook Street FORRESTDALE, WA 6112